3 Tips to take your look from DRAB to FAB with 0 hassle 

It’s 5 PM, and you’ve got a hot date. Whether it’s with your co-worker gal pals, your best girlfriends, or someone special, you need a quick and easy way to take your work look from traditional to exceptional.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that you can elevate your look in three easy steps?
Let’s be honest we want to Shine Mama Shine and now we’re about to find out how.

1. Choose your favorite “Look at Me” Piece
Many of us know this as the Statement Piece. Luckily for us a statement pieces come in a wide variety of styles. Transform your plain look into a conversation starter.


2. Glitz Glitz Glitz
There’s nothing that elevates your work look faster than a fabulous bag. What is better than a bag with glitter ON the bag… no really…I can’t think of anything. Bold clutches and mini cross-bodies are a piece of jewelry and stylish purse in one. Choosing a purse with character adds glitz and glam to any drab look!


3. Add pops of color
Adding pops of color is a sure fire way to create a more interesting outfit. Try adding complimentary colors to your next look and see the difference.


How do you amp up your simple outfits from drab to fab? Share your experiences! What are some ways that you are accessorizing your outfits?

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